Burberry X Minecraft digital and in-store campaign

We developed the visual concept for the new Burberry X Minecraft collaboration. The concept is a slow-phased visual presenting the store visitors with the visual world that Burberry and Minecraft have developed. In addition, we created all the social media marketing material and the in-store visual experience shown on the big screens inside the locations. The campaign can also be seen on the Burberry website, where the new Burberry x Minecraft clothing line is displayed.

Credits: Burberry X Minecraft

Brikk Team

Production company


Executive Producer

Samuel Fast Hurtigkarl


Kevin Olberg


Kristian Andersson


Sven Ahlström

Mojang Team

Lead Producer

Tim Mardell

Art director

Johan Aronsson

Creative Strategist

Emily Orrson

Burberry Team

Hugh Charrington
Joe Brett
Samuel Davies
Jack Smith
Cynthia Onwordi
Manuela Ballestri
Isabelle Wuilloud-Aguas
Seema Kukadia

Burberry X Minecraft Uggla

Burberry X Minecraft DLC

The concept takes its inspiration from slow-tv and slow-phased nature photography, where the viewer gets the chance to experience the beautiful world created. In addition to the campaign and clothing line, Minecraft made a new DLC, “Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond,” with four unique locations and 15 Minecraft skins. The adventure is a fast-paced journey into the unknown, allowing the player to explore four treacherous domains.

Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft DLC
Burberry X Burberry Luftballonger
Burberry X Minecraft Under vatten
Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft

Minecraft X Burberry In-store

The visual concept is presented in seven flagship stores worldwide, all with unique in-store settings. Inside the store, you get to enter the world of Minecraft X Burberry, with screens taking over the greater part of the location. Giving the visitors a chance to fully engage with the concept and experience the new clothing line.


New York Spring Street.
United Kingdom: London, Regent Street.
China: Shenzen Bay.
Japan: Tokyo, Omotesando.
Korea: Seol.
Taiwan: Taipei.

Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft
Burberry X Minecraft