Breach eating traditional Swedish food

Animated mukbang for Valorant and the character Breach. The film is part of a larger campaign for Valorant where they present all the characters from the game. Nord DDB commissioned us to produce Breach’s film as the character Breach is from Sweden just like Brikk.

Credits: Valorant – Breach Mukbang

Executive producer

Sofia Bohman

Production company



Björn Johansson

Background artist

Björn Johansson

Character design

Redoad Syed


Emil Börner
Emanuel Mörk
Johan Sonestedt
Kyrylo Novikov
Veronica Wallenberg

Traditional animation sometimes takes time; here, you see how a frame can look during animation. When it’s this cleanly drawn, we call it a “tie down” take a look at our animation page to read more about the various animation steps.

Valorant Breach

A few more images from the campaign

Valorant Breach
Valorant Breach
Valorant Breach
Valorant Breach

Behind the scenes film