Go Fight Fantastic – Dinomite games

Go Fight Fantastic! is a hand drawn 1-3 player hack ‘n slash videogame about a group of teenage mercenaries and their space dog-captain Bowie who has to save the local bird-people from an alien invasion.

Together with our friends at Kinda Brave and Dinomite Games, we made these anime-inspired character reveals and in-game cut scenes. Showing off the heroes and enemies in a spectacular trailer to ignite players in the multiple modes of story and gameplay. We completed 6 colorful shots of animation ranging from cozy shots of the heroes in their base to full on dramatic villain reveals in space; as well the expanding on the dynamic character design.

Focusing on the hand drawn atmosphere of the game, this allowed our animators and artists to really amplify the style and add our years of expertise in traditional animation. As well, adding lots of effects, crisp transitions, and call outs to famous anime television inspired tropes.

Credits 2D Animation: Go Fight Fantastic – Dinomite games

Game titel

Go Fight Fantastic


Kinda Brave
Dinomite Games

Production Company

Brikk Animation


Sofia Bohman


Redoad Syed

Background artist

Johannes Edvardsson

Character design

Hennie Monclair
Redoad Syed


Traditional animation

Redoad Syed
Emil Börner
Johannes Fast

Clean-up artists

Hennie monclair
Sonya Filimonova
Fredrica Long
Marilou Botta
Emil Börner


Philip Engström
Jacob Danell

Sound design

Joel Andersson 


Battery – Fully Charged