Valorant – Time to play

Riot Games + DDBNord + Brikk

We joined forces with Riot Games and DDBNord to create a new commercial for Valorant in the Nordic market. The film is part of a more extensive campaign based on the concept “Time to Play”, to take the time to play computer games.

Schedule time computer games!

We live in a stressful society where time for pleasure is in short supply. Therefore, it becomes vital to get a break from everyday life and why not by playing computer games with your friends? Our animated film and outdoor advertising encourage viewers to book their playing “add to calendar” and create planned time for relaxation.

Credits: Valorant – Time to play


Jacob Björdal
Mattias Yngwwe
Christoffer Åhlund
Teodor Nisbel Fjäll
Jim Nilttssosn
Viktor Einarsson


Riot Games / Valorant

Executive producer

Samuel Fast Hurtigkarl


Björn Johansson


Björn Johansson

2D animation

Redoad Syed
Philip Engström
Kyrylo Novikov
Emelie Andersen
Emil Börner
Josefine Königsson
Emanuel Mörk

VFX animation

Emil Börner
Emilie Anderssen


Björn Johansson


Waldermar Soop

Sound design

Jakob Oldenburg

Background artist

Björn Johansson

Character design

Redoad Syed
Emanuel Mörk

Valorant Spring

Technical approach

The Valorant film is produced with a mixed technique; the backgrounds are painted on top of 3D renderings. In addition, all characters and effects are illustrated and then traditionally animated; mixing these techniques creates a living and organic visual world while still giving us flexibility to create depth in our environments.

Valorant projekt bild
Valorant projekt bild
Valorant projekt bild
Valorant projekt bild
Valorant projekt bild
Valorant projekt bild
Valorant, Karaktärs design.

Character development

Here are a few drawings from the character design made by Redoad Syed. The character is based on Redoad´s sister. When the concept drawings are approved, we make a clean version and then produce a detailed character sheet. The character sheets are essential for the animators to have so they can stay true to the original drawings.

Below is also an early 3D export from the scene when the calender takes over the room to emphasize here emotional state of stress and despair.

Valorant Processbild
Valorant kalender

Valorant heros redrawn

Below are the characters from the Valiant computer game. Our task is to take the original 3D characters and concept art and simplify them to function well for traditional animation. We start with finding the silhouette. We aim to stay as accurate as possible to the original and keep it recognizable in the new simplified anime cartoon style.

valorant karaktärs skiss
Valorant time to play

Animating the Valorant characters

Here is a loop of how the final animations look before we go into compositing. We take the background, animation, and VFX in the compositing state and put them all together to create the final look. Below is also two snippets from backgrounds before the last look treatment.

Valorant projekt bild
Valorant projekt bild